1 pre clean texts and emails
1a How the texts and emails work
1b Forgetting the gate
1c changing your mobile
1d Going away or a holiday
1e If you have a landline
1f Permission to climb the gate

2 Cancelations
2a How to cancel
2b What are you cancelling 
2c How many times you cancel
2d PWC rights reserved

3 Payment options
3a 3 payment options
3b cash payments
3c direct debits
3d BACS payments
3e standing orders

4 Advanced payments & discounts 
4a Advanced BACS payments
4b standing orders

5 Animal fecal matter
5a is it acceptable 
5b What is unacceptable 

6 Paid referral fees

7 Gaurantees

8 Bank details

9 Invoicing 

10. Unable to fulfil our commitment in stated timescale

                                     Articles of TOS

 1. pre maintenance clean texts. 

1a.You will get an email the day before and then a text  by 9 30pm, on the night before each visit. You can cancel at anytime before 8 30am on the day of the visit and without any reasons required. 

1b. if you dont cancel the appointment and forget to leave access to the agreed windows in the secured area of your property, then PWC will clean all accessible windows but will charge the full agreed price.

1c. If you change your mobile phone number then please let us know otherwise, you wont know that we are sending a text to your old number and neither will we. So we will come over and clean all accessible windows and charge you for full house.

1d. If you are going away, especially if your going abroad please cancel your appointment before you go away. If not, we will text you the night before our vist and when we arrive, if the gate is locked we will clean all accessible windows but charge the full agreed price.

1e If we only have a landline number for you then we will still text you. The text will ring your phone and convert the text into speech. If you don't answer the phone, it will go to your answer phone. To cancel please call us on 07858173103 by 8:30 am on the morning of your due clean. (All the rules in section 1 will also apply to you) 

1f. If you realise after 8 30 that you've left the gate locked you can always text permission to 07858173103 to use our ladders to climb over your property boundary or open the gate to access windows.

2. cancelations and returning to the first deep clean price.

2a. All cancelations must be made by 8 30 am on the day of the maintenance clean. Any cancelation after 8 30 is not a cancellation. Extenuating circumstances are the exception, of course.

2b. When canceling, please state if you wish to cancel an appointment or the whole service.

2c. The longest PWC will allow a property to not be maintained for is 4 months. Then it has to be first time cleaned again at the 1st clean price (double the maintenance charge). If you are a monthly client then you'll get 4 consecutive cancelations and if you are a bi monthly client, you get 2 consecutive cancelations before reverting to the 1st clean price. At this juncture if you do not wish to pay a first time clean price, PWC will invite you to find another window cleaning service provider  

2d. Pwc reserves the right to remove any clients from our round who we believe cancel to much.


 3 payment options

3a. PWC accept 3 methods of payment :

3b Since 01/04/2019 PWC has not accepted cash for regular maintenance cleaning. (With crime statistics rising at an exponential rate in the UK and a vast portion of that being knife crime, it is unwise and unsafe for PWC (who operate on a repetitive route cycle that is conducted the almost identically every 8 weeks. ) to continue to carry cash regularly in such circumstances is considerably unsafe. 

3c Go cardless direct debit. 
(Gocardless is an independent, FCA registered and approved company who act as an intermediary between payer and payee.) Go cardless are bound by all of the laws, rules, ethics and commitments that all financial bodies and services are bound by in the UK. 
When you pay us through Go cardless it will appear on your bank statement as Prestige Window Cleaning.

Prestige window cleaning will email you an invoice on the same day that we request payment from Go Cardless. Your invoice will be attached to an email explaing tha we will be requesting payment on that day. PWC will request payment from go cardless between 21st and 25th of the month following your clean. (E.g. we clean your windows on the 26th of this month [after this months direct debit have been requested] we will request your direct debit between the 21st and 26th of the following month)

3d Bacs payments. 
Bacs payments are expected to be paid within 7 days of invoicing. PWC operates a late payment penalty charge of £6 per late payment.

If a late payment penalty charge does have to be issued, the client will be advised to set up a go cardless Mandate.
When paying by BACS / Online bank transfer the only acceptable reference will be your address. Referencing:  
Window cleaning or any other generic reference is not an indication of who you are. So if you dont put your address (which is specific to you) you will be informed that we are going to instruct Go cardless to debit your account or incur a £6 late payment charge. 

3e Standing orders. 
Please set your standing orders for the 1st of the months. 

4 Advanced payments and standing orders discounts

4a. (Bacs) If you pay for your window maintenance clean by 8 30 on the morning of the clean and sent us your reference as verification. You will recieve a £1 discount

4b (standing order) If you choose to pay by standing order, then please set it for between the 1st & 3rd of the month and reduce the payment by £1 (e.g. £12.50 - £11.50)

           5. Animal fecal matter

5a. Please ensure canine and feline fecal matter is cleaned from any access area needed to reach your windows, pathways upto access areas need to be clear too.

5b. If we deem that there is too much feces either en route to the window access area or in a window access area and it will be unavoidable to step in it, then we will leave those windows but you will be charged for them.

             6. Paid referals 
If you refer us to one of your friends and they accept our price. After we do the first clean for them, we'll will give you a £5 thank you for every one you get us.

              7. Guarantees 
PWC offer a MINIMUM 24 hour guarantee with everything we clean. If ever you are unsatisfied with the work provided by us then please let us know as soon as possible so that we can get back and correct any unsatisfactory work at the earliest convenience 

               8.   Bank details
This is the only account for PWC. 
If you have any other details for any other account, please discard them and use the details below

Bank : natwest
Name: Brown AG
Acc num: 69308810
Sort code: 60-09-02

                            9. Invoicing

 9a. All cleans will be invoiced to you via email or text message.

 9b. You will recieve an invoice around bthe 1st of the following month (e.g Januarys clean will be invoiced for around the 1st of February

9c. Each email that the invoice is attached to will give you a date to pay by. It will give you a maximum of 7 days to pay. (Except between Dec 18th and Dec 23rd.

 9d. If you have a standing order with us or you have paid us before you receive the invoice, then you will recieve an email explaining that you've paid and your outstsandig balance is £0 

 10. Unable to fulfil our commitment in stated timescale. 

10a. There will be occasions when things go wrong and prevent us from fulfilling our commitment to you on that day. On these occasions we will alert you to the fact as early as we can. E.G. Heavy rainstorms, mechanical breakdown or equipment malfunction, etc. We will then let you know when we will be able to complete our commitment to you. 

E.G. "Hi there. Tony from PWC here. We are running behind today due to heavy rainstorms. If we are unable to get to you by 4 30pm today, we will fulfil our commitment to you tomorrow if thats convenient for you?"

If fulfilling our commitment the next day is not convenient for you, PWC will arrange a time with you that is convenient for you.